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Wild Geranium (Cranesbill)

Geranium pusillum

I don’t remember seeing this last year, my first year of gardening, but then again I was spending a lot of time picking out horseherb to notice. I wasn’t sure what this was this year, so I let it just grow, to see what sort of flower was about to come out of it. It is just beginning to send out flowers now (early April).

It grows in nearly every bed I have going on, in my tomato bed (which is a raised bed with new soil and who knows who this got in there), my wildflower bed, my shady iris bed, my herb garden… It seems to like being obvious.

At first, based on the shape of the leaves, I thought it might be winecup, because I threw out winecup seeds everywhere last year. But then the real winecups started sending out leaves everywhere and I knew this plant was something else. Then, while I was at a nursery the other day I saw a columbine plant and the leaves looked similar, so I was certain that it must be a columbine and should leave it.

But no, now that I see the flowers, it is not a columbine. I actually like this weed, I like the flowers. I may not get worried about it. I am after all a wildflower. If it ain’t bothering me, then wild is good.