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"Walking Apostle" Iris

This plant was a lovely gift from our neighbor the day we moved into our house. The first spring I don’t think it bloomed but the next year it came up repeatedly in the spring, starting around late April or May. The blooms were very short-lived and usually responded to rain, or fell off with wind–and I like that. It’s got that kind of rarefied beauty that orchids have, and flowers like that should have mystery to when and how long they appear. I like that you might possibly miss them if you don’t happen to look at the right time.

I’ve got this plant down in a nondescript patch where there is mostly St. Augustine grass. No special soil (just thick clay), or special watering. It doesn’t seem to mind. It keeps its leaves throughout the year too, like other irises… I’m noting this because I’d like to have more irises in places that usually just end up looking like brown dirt most of the year.