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‘Billy Graham’ Daffodil

'Billy Graham' Daffodil

Most of my daffodil purchases are (hopefully) invested in bulbs that will return year after year, but with a few exceptions. The big-flowered, big-cupped kind don’t usually come back year after year in Texas (either they need a longer winter to initiate their bloom, or they bloom too late at a point which it is too hot for them). Pouring over one of my cool bulb catalogs, I couldn’t help myself from at least ordering a few of these to try with the others.

I have to admit I was drawn to Billy Graham for its name; my husband took me riding up the North Carolina mountains near his childhood home, to a place that still calls itself Billy Graham’s home. It really is a special daffodil and worth the name–a very soft and clear yellow at first but ages to an ivory. The flowers sit on short stems so unfortunately they were dwarfed by others around them, so this would be a good flower for the front of a bed or in front of other bulbs.