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It’s been a little over one year since I started paying attention to my garden. One thing I am trying to learn about is weeds. Half the time I don’t know if I’m picking a weed or a grass or some wildflower. Sometimes it’s hard to tell. Some weeds have pretty little flowers. Like what I discovered was henbit, which started appearing very early, maybe early March, and has little purple flowers. It is sort of prostrate, sprawling mostly in and around my iris bed. I let it go because I thought it was pretty, but then again I might regret that later.

The herb I dislike the most is horseherb, which I wrote a whole entry about. I spent several days picking that out of my back yard last spring and fall. It has appeared in far less numbers this year but is still a very very insistent weed. Yes, it has cute little yellow flowers but it also competes with everything.

Anyway, now is the time when weeds are up so I’ve been trying to figure out what is what… and what needs serious action. So far, these are the weeds I’m pulling, or trying to decide if I need to pull:



Wild Geranium (Cranebill)

Pink Woodsorrel (Oxalis) not a weed for many but sometimes I wonder

The main thing about weeds is: how much do they annoy you? I am just not the kind of person who would spray things on weeds. Unless of course it comes to that very very thorny ivy that grows all around my house and nearly makes me bleed every time I try to pull it (even with gloves on). I will save my kvetch about all the many vines for another day. I have at least 5 different kinds growing around my yard. I want them all to go away.