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life in the 100s

I’ve slowed down on keeping my garden journal, both on paper and here. What precious time I have to devote to my garden is unfortunately not in writing, but in keeping it alive.

I must sound redundant now, since my last 2 posts have been about heat and storms and heat. Since May 15, we have had record-breaking temperature and little to no rain. My poor garden looks on in desperation. It is at points like this that a gardener wants to throw in the towel. The tomatoes which I had so carefully nursed from seed, pushed them under lights 18 hours a day so that I could have tomatoes in early June, planted early and deep and protected them–did all that one can do to nurse gorgeous tomatoes–look absolutely pathetic, and several of the tomato bushes didn’t put out a single fruit. (I don’t blame the heat completely; I think they are missing some nutrients as well. I will have to redo my vegetable bed in July and add lots of compost.) Read more